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The ABC Mantra of Getting Back to Shape

  • To be in a desired shape is what everyone hopes for.
  • To achieve it through an easy way is what no one knows about.

These two statements fairly express the psyche of a vast majority in this fast-paced era; but not anymore.

The process of getting the desired shape is no more a hurdle. Yes, and we are making it easier for you, by listing the ABC mantra of getting back to shape.

  • Active Lifestyle
  • Balanced Diet
  • CoolSculpting®

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle doesn’t mean that you must go through rigorous 120-pound exercises at a gym. No humping badly and no running rashly.

Just be active. Be active socially. Be active at your office. Be active at your home.

The change always starts within. Begin to move around, take stairs instead of lift, spend time in doing easy exercises and take a walk with kids, whenever time permits.

At least, once in a month, try trekking and let your body get used to it. Let’s be active in an easy way.

Balanced Diet

Avoiding oily foods is not balanced diet at all: it is a misconception. Balanced Diet is all about taking multi-nutritional eatables, neglecting the junk foods.

Skip worries and never your breakfast. Particularly, there is no standard balanced-diet prescription for everyone, as it varies from person to person. Just be a health literate.

Know yourself better. Sense the symptoms and consume accordingly. Plan your intakes.  That’s more than enough.


Unlike the other two options, this one doesn’t require any of your effort. At the same time, it gives you visible results4.

CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure1,2. If you sense pinchable fat in your hip area, arms and abdomen3,4, and if you want to get rid of it without any surgery, CoolSculpting® is the right choice. Through this procedure, even the thighs and back area3,4 can be treated.

Notably, the duration of one CoolSculpting® cycle is just 35 to 60 minutes3, based on the area being treated. It means it is not time consuming as well.

As there are no syringes involved, many patients feel comfortable and prefer CoolSculpting® to reshape their body.

Find a CoolSculpting® partner clinic near you at

We suggest you make use of the ABC Mantra and get back to shape. Try to make it a part of your line of activities.

To be in a desired shape is what everyone hopes for.

To achieve it in an easy way is what you just read about. 



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Note: CoolSculpting® is a product of Allergan. 

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